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Smarts and Crafts On-the-Go Pencil Drawing Activity Kit
• Perfect for beginners
• Patterned zip-up canvas carrying case with easy to hold handle
• Includes perforated drawing pages with unique prompts and fold-out features
• Colored pencils set: red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, brown, beige and black
• Kit size is 8.75H x 6.5Wx 1D
• Made for children ages 6 years and up
What's in the Box
• 1 colored-pencil sharpener
• 1 black drawing marker
• 1 storage case
• 24 drawing pages
• 12 colored pencils


Monster Mayhem Coloring Cards Craft Kits 

Bring fun, fierce, and fabulous monster scenes to life with vibrant color! This kit includes 24 coloring cards, 12 bright and bold markers, and a zip-up carrying case! Each double-sided card features illustrated moments from monster life that range from the mundane to the magical! Color in a fanged friends trip to the dentist or decide the vibe of a demon dance party! As a bonus, each coloring card also doubles as a mail-able postcard. The back side of each coloring card is designed mail-ready, with designated areas for message, address, and stamp. Kit is unisex and designed for the most imaginative child, tween, teen, or adult!


Fuzzy Sticks and Wood Beads 
The Fuzzy Sticks and Wood Beads set is amazing! Fuzzy sticks twist and bend into butterflies and beyond, while wooden beads transform into the bodies of magical beasts, eyes for silly faces, and helpful joints for any idea you can imagine or invent! The perfect starter pack for novice crafters as well as a must-have ad-on for devoted makers, the Fuzzy Sticks and Wood Beads Set presents endless opportunities for getting creative at any age or ability. This set includes everything you need to unleash your creative potential. You can also mix in other supplies for the ultimate art-project experience! Make necklaces or bracelets, build characters, or create an abstract sculpture. The possibilities are endless! No-mess materials make this a perfect activity for both faraway travels or a ride down the road! Kit is unisex and designed for the most imaginative child, tween, teen, or adult!


Robot Window Art
Smarts & Crafts Go: Robot Window Art includes six rad robots, each with its own distinct personality, that are waiting to be brought to life! Customize your ‘bots with any of the 8 window-paint colors and once you’re finished, you can display your work by placing them on windows or any surface where light shines through for an added effect! This kit includes a step-by-step guide with helpful hints to maximize results. Pro tip: if you want to show your cool robot art to a friend or teacher, simply pack them back into the pouch they came in and bring them with you anywhere! Can you imagine what kinds of powers your robots might have? This product is recommended for children ages 6 and up.


Paint By Number: Monster Camping

Smarts & Crafts Go: Monster Camping Paint by Number includes a 5 x 7-inch paintable canvas depicting a cozy scene where two furry friends share a story together under the stars! While you fill in the artwork with 16 different colors, notice how the flashlight subtly changes the colors of the things its beam touches. Can you apply this technique to your own art projects? You can also have fun imagining what kinds of stories the monsters are reading! This kit includes a step-by-step guide to successfully completing a paint-by-number art project with a bunch of helpful hints and tips! When you finish painting this canvas you can keep the pouch and use it to store things like craft supplies or paint brushes for your future projects! This product is recommended for children ages 6+.