Blippi Firetruck


Blippi 10" Fire Truck with Sounds Vehicle. Put Blippi in the driver's seat and lets go! The Blippi Fire Truck vehicle is the perfect addition to any Blippi collection. The Blippi Fire Truck includes a 3-inch Blippi Firefighter figure. Place the Blippi and Fire dog figures inside and drive off. This awesome Fire Truck is full of surprises your child will love. Lift and swivel the fire trucks ladder to save the day. You can even place your Blippi firefighter figure or fire dog inside the basket. Press the Fire Trucks siren buttons to hear Blippi sounds and phrases, like The fire is almost out. Good job! This Fire Truck toy for kids is free-wheeling so your little speedster can really ride. This Fire Truck toy is inspired by an episode of Blippi your child will know and love.

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